Wednesday 29 November 2017

Pyinstaller Extractor updated to v1.9

PyInstaller Extractor has been updated to v1.9. The features of this release includes:

  • Support for Pyinstaller 3.3
  • Display the scripts which are run at entry point 

Support for Pyinstaller 3.3

Self explanatory. For extending the support to Pyinstaller 3.3 no major changes had to be introduced. The earlier script works as-is.

Display the scripts which are run at entry point

A Pyinstaller executable have many embedded files in it. Naturally, users of this tool had difficulty identifying which of the extracted files are of interest. With this update, pyinstxtractor now shows a list of python scripts which are run by the executable at load time. An example is shown in the screenshot below.

pyiboot01_bootstrap and main are the scripts which are run at load time. Out of this two, the former is Pyinstaller specific and not interesting for our purpose. Hence you should start the analysis from the file named main located within the _extracted directory.

As usual, pyinstxtractor can be found at SourceForge.

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