Wednesday 9 November 2016

Flare-on Challenge 2016 Write-up

The Flare-on challenge is an annual CTF style challenge with a focus on reverse engineering. Official solutions have already been published, besides that there are other writeups available too, hence I will just skim through the parts.

Challenge #1

The first was simple. This is base64 encoding with a custom charset. This online tool does the job.

Fig 1: Challenge 1

Monday 7 November 2016

Hack the Vote 2016 CTF - APTeaser writeup

Just for fun I decided to have a go at the Hack the Vote 2016 CTF, particularly the reversing challenges on Windows. There were two of them APTeaser & Trumpervisor. I managed to solve the first. I did try the second but it involved reversing a Win 10 kernel driver implementing a hypervisor using the Intel Virtualization Extensions (VT-x). Anyway, here is a somewhat detailed writeup for the first.

Initial Analysis

The provided file is a pcapng. Opening it in fiddler, reveals an interesting http request for a supposed pdf file on the domain important.documents.trustme, but as indicated from the Content-Type the response is actually an executable.

Serving an executable when all I want is a pdf
Fig 1: Serving an executable when all I want is a pdf